Research Into The Best Loyalty Programs

Competition is FIERCE, everybody is getting on board the digital train, and every body and then grandmother now has a website! One thing though that a lot of businesses seem to be doing, is spending more time on promoting, rather than spending time keeping hold of there current client base. Yes, new customers are great! However, 80% of your business can come through existing clients/customers and been able to figure out how to keep hold of them, seems to be a great mystery to some, whilst just totally over looked by others.  Choosing the best loyalty programs, is so hard, because like anything, everyone is promoting that they have the “secret formula” to as to how to retain clients.

Retaining clients, does not need to be like some huge mystery, it’s actually a lot more simpler than people think. Utilizing mobile is definitly the way to go! Back in the day, I have seen all sorts of various ways for businesses trying to “crack the secret” or expirmenting with various methods, from handing out free stuff, too direct mail marketing, email marketing and companies even going to the expense at printing out books, and stamps.. It just does not need to be that complicated to be honest. Mobile loyalty programs are not just effective, they are EFFICIENT! They are easy accesible to the client, the client has a mobile loyalty app program, installed onto there phone in literally just 1 click of a button. Wa-la! You have now connected to a device, which a client/customer will use on a daily basis, everytime they load up there phone, who do they see on there ? Yep, that is correct YOUR BUSINESS!

The great thing about mobile loyalty programs, is that they can be cheap to setup, and great for micro managing your clients. However, one company I recommend is Perks Loyalty, they have a FREE solution, that you can try before diving into the deep end, so to speak. Basically, the app and loyalty program, is already developed, and all you have to do is just sign up for a free account. Once you have signed up, start tailoring the program, so that it is true to your business, and once setup, you can then start plugging it to your clients.

The great thing is, is the data you collect from the app, can be stored, and later reviewed. Now this is where you will find the most surprises. Having fresh data in front of you, that you can analyse, will reveal some of the secrets, and even highlight improvements which need to be made in some areas. The thing with data, it does not lie! All the statistics are there in front of you, offering any business invaluable data, to there own growth. Which to be honest, in 2015 having any kind of edge over your competitor, is a one that utilized correctly, can work wonders for your reputation. You will be building your client base, around the data available. You will find out what works, and what does not. You will also build loyalty of your clients, which again is great socially, since having a seriously cool app, which they can show off to there friends, is also a great way of word of mouth marketing. Again, since the loyalty app is so easy to download, you can have your loyal clients, do FREE marketing for you. How cool is that!

Gone are the days where you need to carry a book around, and get a stamp for every purchase. Just whip out your iphone, and your done.

My question to my readers is, would you use a loyalty card app for business ?

Let me know your comments in the comment section.

What is Sacrohysteropexy


Introduction to Sacrohysteropexy

Welcome to another post of ours, if you have been keeping up to date with all our posts ? Thank you and welcome back, please do not hesitate to pull up a chair for todays posts, as we talk all about Sacrohysteropexy

If you can even pronounce Sacrohysteropexy the word, then chances are, you already know, that this effects thousands of woman each year. Maybe you even know someone who is effected by this ? This is something that shouldn’t be taken likely. We do hope that this post will give you a clearer understand of what it is, who it actually effects, and how you can get it treated.

Who does Sacrohysteropexy effect ?

Sadly, this only effects woman,  and the numbers are growing year upon year around the globe.

What Age Groups Does It Effect?

Unfortunately there isn’t no one size fits all answer, with ages where women are most vulnerable, spanning a wide variety of age groups of women, experiencing this. We obviously can’t diagnose online either, so if you are reading this and suspecting that you are may be suffering from some of these issue, we highly recommend you go and see your local GP to discuss this.

What Actually is Sacrohysteropexy

Basically when a woman’s uterus is out of place, this is the operation preformed, to put it back to right. This isn’t actually a well known fact, amongst local GPs. Some do know, some don’t! If your GP has never heard of Sacrohysteropexy, we would urge you to direct him to this post here, so that more local professionals, can be enhancing there own medical knowledge, as well as potentially helping many other woman in years to come.

How To Solve The Problem

For such a hard to pronounce word, which is somewhat intimidating when reading, to get this sorted, is not as bad as you think. Pelvic floor repair surgery, can be completed whilst under general anesthetic, in under 30 minutes.


If the pain is getting really bad, then we would urge that you seek medical help. We obviously can’t diagnose you, nor should this post be taken as a diagnoses.If you are suffering, please stop procrastination this.

Dog Boarding Your Pet in Durham

Dog Boarding Durham

No one likes to leave their dog behind but there are times that you have to. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure knowing that your dog is being cared for is important. The right boarding situation will protect your dog while you are away.

Dog boarding Durham can save you the stress of trying to find someone that will come and take care of your dog. It can be very difficult to find someone to trust with your dog and someone that will make sure your dog gets cared for the way you want them cared for.

Friends and Family

Asking friends or family members to come by and take care of your dog is a lot to ask of anyone. Friends and family members have their own lives that they have to tend to. Asking someone to commit to caring for your dog is a heavy commitment and really puts people on the spot.

Good intentions may not actually work out to actions. When you press friends and family to help with your dog while you are out of town your dog may not get the care that you want them to get. When someone is doing you a favor they do it in their time not in yours or your dogs.

Professional Dog Boarding

When you opt in for dog boarding Durham you are taking advantage of the best option for your dog. A professional boarding service will protect your dog and keep them safe when you are away. You can expect a clean facility with professional services for your dog.

Your dog will feel at home right away and will get the care that they deserve while you are away from home. You do not have to press friends and family members to help you out with your dog, you do have options!

Make the Choice

Making the choice is easy when you know that you have a reliable boarding service available to you. Dog boarding Durham can give you the peace of mind you need to enjoy you trip if it is for pleasure and focus on work if it is for business.

Your dog depends on you to make the right choice for them. Making the choice to board your dog while you travel is the best choice for your dog. They will have the comfort of knowing there is someone always available to care for them. Dog boarding Durham is the answer to your travel problems. You can go with a clear conscience knowing your dog is cared for.

Try out SEO Newcastle for an easy first page rank

The world today has become entirely technology dependent. Everything’s done online and hence, the internet has become the most sought after means of income. It has successfully managed to increase productivity in various fields of work, art, music, shopping, academics and even remotest areas of everyday life. For us consumers, as it is rightly said, search engines do the major work. They lead us to the site, we are looking for. Entering a simple keyword related to your objective of searching, and you will be one click away from exploring a million pages which satisfy your requirement. As expected, we click the results that come to the very first page and it is highly unlikely that someone would even surf up to the third page of the results. So coming down to simple mathematics, websites on top have the most traffic and are super popular in their targeted area of viewers. Due to this reason every website today is in competition to claim the first position (or at the least on the first page) on these search results and this is what SEO Newcastle does.

Search engine optimization is the process that works in improving the visibility of your website’s name in the unpaid results of the search engine itself. The process works by the addition of a few relevant keywords and using a lot of description metatabs. The basic to this incorporation is that Google, and other certain search engines, understand when your content is not relevant. You need to make your website unique to enter the competition. Google’s process of optimization is very transparent. It judges you on the base of user experience and quality services. The natural search results are solely based on how easy your site is to navigate and the uniqueness of your website.

If you lack good URL structure and do not have the right promotion tactics, it is highly doubtful Google would display your site on the first page even if you opt for SEO Newcastle. Your page titles will directly affect the popularity of your site and how much traffic you’re able to generate. What google majorly focuses is on is smooth and different user experience. If your users are happy with your content and display, google straight away classifies you as top-notch and puts you first. Just accurately summarize your page’s content to do this. If you try to manipulate your means of reaching on top, Google has ‘Panda’ and ‘Penguin’ which penalize websites that have duplicate content or engage in any unauthorized practices to increase their rankings. This will only bring you down.

You can even employ a professional agency to do this for you. But you need to make sure they are doing it the right way. Most SEO servives just play with words and add elements such as text and image content. Search engine optimization is basically down to two aspects that is relevant and offline optimization. Choose an SEO Newcastle service carefully that will not ask you to link yourself to them, does not claim to have a special relationship with Google (nobody should believe that) and be very aware about where your money is going. After you have cleared the air of these regurgitations, you have your optimizer. They bring the greatest marketing strategies and will get you through depending on your site goals. Majorly, they will help you persuade more people to click on your website and generate great investment returns. Isn’t that the magic translation you’ve always wanted? Tada! Now go and find your SEO Newcastle surveying them and make your conversion rate sky rocket already!

Designing a new Walk in Wardbrobe

walk in wardrobesAs a design concept sliding doors have existed for quite a long time. In recent years they have become increasingly popular for a number of motives. In design terms sliding doors for walk in wardrobes and cabinets provide a sleek, innovative and seamless appearance. The nature of their construction makes them flexible and durable, and they have several benefits over the more conventional hinged doors.

Generally hinged doors are unable to be constructed to fit floor to ceiling or even wall to wall. The nature of hinged doors means they require plinths and door jambs. This undermines the interior space available within the wardrobe – what may only look like a couple of inches will make silent a difference through the total layout.

In addition hinged doors demand space externally to permit you to open them! This creates a broad sweep in a room which must be furniture and barrier free. Hinged doors can present something of a hazard as well; whether it’s the smaller members of the family running unexpectedly round corners or one of those hurried morning meetings which result in raised eyebrows in the office when you attempt to explain that you really did walk into your walkin wardrobe!

Sliding doors possess the edge they don’t need additional space in the room to work! With this type of door you can make the best use of space, particularly valuable in smaller rooms. This permits you to use the maximum amount of space available internally for your wardrobe as well as free up space in the room. Even when you’ve got a large room to work with, the option of sliding doors may add a feeling of style and elegance to a layout while keeping the ‘look’ fresh, clean and refined.

In terms of style sliding doors offer as many choices as conventional hinged doors, perhaps more. Utilising any substance you choose, you can create a sensational and stylish appearance for your room. Many distinct wood colours and effects may be used, and alternatives frequently include the utilization of mirrors or coloured glass to make the ultimate ’boutique hotel’ appearance. The procedures of construction for sliding doors arguably result in a more hard-wearing, long-lasting design option than traditional hinged doors. The shortage of hinges means they are less subject to wear and tear, this attribute also means that a sliding door is more robust when it comes to the materials that may be used to build it.

Whatever look you are aiming for sliding doors can offer a stylish, space-saving and durable solution when designing your greatest wardrobe!

Consider doing DIY roof repair yourself

EPDM Rubber Roof Repair Is EasyWhen performing any rubber roof repair it’s imperative to utilize a product which is really capable of forming a permanent bond with the rubber surface. Just as importantly, in order for such rubber roof repair the product picked should not cause any additional damage to the top layer of the roof. Many products on the market can make a sound bond, but their chemical makeup can have a detrimental effect on the roofing, leading to additional problems in the future. Rubber repair products that are other take an inordinate amount of time to prepare the surface, requiring important slow acting primers and clean up. Even with that, they’re not long lasting, are exclusive to rubber roofing and are expensive, and worthless for much else. Eternabond is very different from traditionally employed rubber roof repair solutions. Regrettably, these techniques can be time intensive and expensive. EternaBond is from a technologically complex family of sealants. All EternaBond tapes are made using advanced MicroSealant Technology. Made from a unique combination of rubbers and resins, and infused with a built in primer, Eternabond is among the very aggressive adhesives now available EternaBond is environmentally favorable. As simple to utilize as a standard roll of tape, Eternabond will adhere to a rubber roof, forming a water- permanent repair for virtually any crack or leak and sealed. Furthermore, Eternabond has a growth capacity of over 500 percent, which makes it capable of contracting and extending with the rubber roof, no matter weather conditions.

The sun may have a harsh effect on a rubber roof. Not only does the roof expand and contract, as can the ozone in the air, but it cans deteriorate over time. Additionally, since Eternabond is designed with a built-in primer, rubber roof surfaces just need to be clean and dry for optimum efficiency. EternaBond tapes can be set up in temperature ranges from – 20iF, and well over 150iF. They remain adaptable to -70iF. They also have an exposed life expectancy of 18 to 35 years, and a shelf life of at least 5 years, and they are compatible with traditionally difficult to fix roofs like TPO, Hypalon, Kynar coated metal and even most PVCsNo matter what your difficulty is, Eternabond is the very best epdm rubber roof repair on the industry!


I personally think that EPDM has helped modernize and create sustainable living, especially for people living in temperate climates. Thanks for reading my post guys and stay tuned!!!