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Subcontractor-Handyman Application

Name _______________________Street Address__________________________



How long have you lived at present address?___________

How long have you been a Subcontractor/Handyman?________

What license to you have?____________________________

What is your credit rating?____________________________

Do you have a resume? If so, send me a copy.

Phone:______________________ Social Security No.___________________

Drivers’ License No.____________________

Copy of insurance, photos and addresses of job you have done, photo of equipment, tools, vehicle and other items that will convence me of your ability to do the jobs. Email to Waymon at [email protected]


Name of Spouse______________________ Telephone _________________

Business References_________________________________________

Phone Number_______________ Contact person__________________

Address________________ Account #_________________________

Business References_________________________________________

Phone Number_______________ Contact person__________________

Address________________ Account #_________________________

Business References_________________________________________

Phone Number_______________ Contact person__________________

Address________________ Account #_________________________

I,___________________ authorize MRC (Waymon Meadows and Employees) to call/send information to reference above references.


Request for Reference Letter

Dear Sir,


I am grateful if you could arrange to furnish Waymon Meadows with a Reference Letter.

1. The purpose it to estabilish the integrity of the ________.

2. Waymon Meadows

3. 404 Ridgewood Avenue, Dundee, Fl. 33838

At your earlist convenience.

Yours faithfully,



No need to apologize or feel humiliated


I am embarrassed to tell you the crew I brought to your home has not provided me with a bid. I do not have another crew to bid on your job. I am hiring a crew to work in Solivita, and Celebration.

I will be interviewing a General Contractor with State license today. I have confirmed his authenticity with the State of Florida. Should I feel he is qualified to do your job I will let you know.

You will only pay the Subcontractor cost; because of my mistake I am willing to do your job for whatever you want to pay me when the job is completed. I will pull your permit, record your NOC, and supervise your job. My contract will spell out the details.

Again, I am humiliated by having to write this note, but like Forrest Gump said….happens.


Hi Waymon,

No need to apologize or feel humiliated. Looks like you are the "old school" type who believed in values such as courtesy, integrity and keeping one's word. We would feel good to work with you in the future.

It is better to learn about "untrustworthy" sub contractors now by their behavior than later when they are on the job and let you down at that time. That would be much more serious.

Unfortunately, sub contractors are very busy these days so it not unusual to see them behave as though they don't give a hoot. With so much work around, they're picking the low hanging fruit.

We don't like to take advantage of people just because they are nice. So, if we do work with you, we will pay you your normal fee. You have to earn a living too.

thanks and regards



29, 2021

Re: Refer-a-friend

We are thrilled to inform you that we have launched the new Refer-a-friend program.

Please go to and read all the details.

1. The Refer-a-friend program is for a limited time.

2. It starts today: 7/29/2021 and will end on 10/29/2021

3. For a listing referral or buyer referral, MRC will contribute 15% of their commission to the charity of your choice: religion, education, or other charities when the deal closes.

4. The funds will be sent directly to the charity of your choice at closing.

5. The title company will mail or transfer the funds at that time.

6. Tell your family and friends about the program.

7. Time is limited, so hurry!


Waymon Meadows

Mgr. (MRC) Meadows Realty and Construction Co.; LLC

404 Ridgewood Avenue

Dundee, Fl. 33838


Email: [email protected]


Information is believed to be true but not guaranteed


  • Why does MRC give away 5% of its commission to your charity ?
  • Is it because it stops home owners complain that Realtors are charging too much commission?
  • Could it be competition? Florida Realtors® has grown to become the largest professional trade association in the state with about 200,000 members and the third-largest Realtor organization in the country.
  • Perhaps it helps the little guy compete with the gigantic Real Estate Companies.  It helps level the field.
  • Perhaps its to compete with FSBOS and discount brokers?
  • MRC is an innovator, ethical with more dynamic real estate programs than others.  MRC believes there is a better way to give full service.  It helps parents and kids, friends, relatives and others to give to a fund to send their kids to college, and contribute to charities.
  • Philanthropy- the desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed especially by the generous donation of money to good causes.  Helping parents and kids build a school saving account. 
  • The program is simple.  Give a referral to MRC, Meadows Realty and Construction Co.; LLC, at closing the title company  will submit a check directly to your charity for 5% of MRC commission

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